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Build a House / Easy Child / 22 / Nothing on My Mind / Somewhere Else Tomorrow / I Resign / Sun Goes Down / When Will We Ever Learn / Rain & Snow / Going Home


Was JJ Cale from Stuttgart? It almost seems so when you listen to the new album "Strange Nights" by BRTHR.


It is, as the record shows, a congenial duo: Eißler's sense of melody and songwriting combines with Brettschneider's well-grounded sound fetishism.


Together they do a relaxed slow-jam to Rhythm Ace, which brings us to JJ Cale. He used the drummachine too, and Eißler and Brettschneider explicitly name the king of the Tulsa sound as an influence.

Stuttgarter Zeitung 


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The Beard Man / Olis / Words Are Small / Lake Trouble / Mungo / Leipzig Lover / Salty Leg / Betong / Fårö


In summer 2012 Björn Kleinhenz moved to a lonely place in the Gothenburg harbor, built himself a hut and reflected his previous career as a songwriter.


On the way back he bought a guitar in a second hand shop and recorded nine of his songs in his living room. We have captured this trip of self-discovery on vinyl, together with five large-format photos, a lyric sheet, a screen-printed box, two alternative artworks and a numbered lyric sheet, limited to 100 copies.


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Deep Down Kept For You And Me / Chinese Whisper / No Blood / The Mountain Pt 2 / Dackes Drabanter / Häldeholm 1:8


It's about being dead and spreading your wings. It's about feeling small and proud. In the dove-grey shimmering world of Björn Kleinhenz these are not contradictions. His six-song EP Dackes Drabanter is finely handmade and yet elaborate. Like Leonhard Cohen with a slightly raised heartbeat. Notice: In the apparent reduction to voice and guitar (mostly) lies a quiet power. Recorded in the living room of the Gothenburg singer. Where else.

Nordische Musik