Ryan Lee Crosby

Photo by Lisette Rooney

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Lee Crosby blends essences of American folk-blues and North Indian raga into meditative songs of impermanence, compassion and joy.


Crosby’s music is a pleasing mix of improvised and composed material, performed on traditional and modern instruments. Through his recordings and performances, he hopes to inspire peace, openness and respect - for tradition, for culture, for each other and for one’s self.


Crosby describes himself as a ‘seeker’ within the music: producer and listener, performer and enthusiast, teacher and student. His music-making is an inward process: creativity through meditation, devotion and discipline, but it is also oriented around community-building. As a bandleader, Crosby is guided by the potential of music to connect the internal to the external, the individual to the group, and to bridge seemingly disparate cultures and traditions.


Crosby has evolved through many musical incarnations. His musical life began by playing harmonica at age 13, before transitioning into a punk-rock teenager, singing his own songs and playing guitar in local bands. He moved to the Boston area in 1998, where he has recorded numerous albums as a rock musician and singer-songwriter.


Ryan Lee Crosby has been nominated for two Boston Music Awards and was named “Best Singer/Songwriter” in the 2006 Boston Phoenix/WFNX Radio Music Poll. He composed and performed the film score for the award-winning documentary Racing the Rez (2012, broadcast nationally on PBS).

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