Bjorn Kleinhenz is a Swedish independent musician.

He was born in Southern Germany in the summer of 1981 but moved at an early age to Sweden where he has lived since. 

After growing up playing punk and hardcore in the small southern town of Sölvesborg he set off as a solo artist around his 20th year and has since then been a highly productive record artist and performer. Since his debut in 2003 Björn has put out close to 30 different releases and played over 300 shows throughout Europe.

LP: clear vinyl * inlay * download

CD: inlay

URSA MINOR * LP / clear vinyl * inlay * download / cd * inlay 

Ursa Minor is a reminder of a friend who was talking as a guitarist in Björn´s new band, but took his own life before - in the opener "Jump" thematizes. Thus the album oscillates between thoughtful melancholy and expansive Americana, for Kleinhenz´ unusually noisy electric guitars and a string quartet that discreetly accompanies the songs. Intro mag calls Ursa Minor "one of the saddest and most beautiful releases of the year", the Aachen city magazine Klenkes "a little masterpiece with sophisticated melancholy and several moments of musical beauty" and Besser Nord Als Nie "one of the most honest and authentic records of the year".



The crisp-short predecessor to Ursa Minor: Four tracks from the same studio sessions, still without strings, one of them ("Before They Ride") also on the LP, but here in a different version.

LP-Box * seven inlays * 100 copies * download

THE FALL OF DISCONTENT * LP-Box * seven inlays * 100 copies * download 

After four days in "exile" in a harbour area on the outskirts of Göteborg (reflecting thoughts, notes, ideas and "scribbles" in a self-built wooden hut) Björn Kleinhenz bought a guitar for 40 Euro on the way home and recorded nine of his songs.

The photographer Simon Rydèn accompanied - at a proper distance - this self-discovery trip, which we made into a wonderful cardboard box, screen-printed with an artwork by Swedish artist Jonatan Knut: one LP of the recordings, four large-format photographs by Simon Rydén, two "alternative artworks" and a numbered lyric sheet - all limited to 100 copies. 


DACKES DRABANTER * 10"-LP * download 

After the opulent indie-pop instrumentation of his 2010 album B.U.R.M.A. a reduction to the essential (= voice and guitar), which he continued with Djago Bråk and The Fall Of Discontent.

Six wonderful folk songs recorded in front of the fireplace.