Rivulets is the project of dreamscape composer Nathan Amundson, and while there are several others that have guest roles on this recording, he's the primary composer behind this recording. First off, this is an interesting recording, guitar with lots of echoey reverb and vocals with even more echoey reverb, making the whole piece seem distant, but the effect is just right. This recording may remind one quite a bit of space rock drones Windy & Carl, but Rivulets' work is much better than that, as his work is kind of dreamy and contemplative, but the overall presentation of his work is lucid in thought and musicianship. Rivulets is quite a minimalist recording, but at the same time it's that use of minimalism that is just right for presenting ideas in a sort of less-is-more context. Rivulets' debut is an excellent release and one that certainly hits the mark. If you enjoy the lighter side of space rock, contemplative reverbed guitars and voice, as well as Codeine, Nick Drake, Low, Will Oldham, Palace, and Red House Painters, then you will certainly enjoy this excellent recording.

Thisell on JellyFant

II (LP/CD * JellyFant 2016 * cat# jayf 39/jayf 39CD)

The Sun Sets In The Weeds * If I Sing My Song * The Worlds Last Cigarette * Will You Have Me? * Born To Know * Amounts To You * Untitled #5 * I Know It Is True, My Love For You * It Happened To You * Black Bird


If you are into art leaning mystical, sometimes dark and out there music chances are you will enjoy this. Such are the innovative arrangements and beauty of the work performed by Swedish singer-songwriter Peter Thisell , who is supported in style by a bunch of friends playing piano, violin, acoustic, lap steel, electric bass, lead guitar, upright bass, diatonic accordion, drums and harmony vocals.


Thisell’s second album II is of a quality to take the listener on one lushly coloured cinematic journey after another. ... While lovers of Americana’s darker and more complex side will enjoy this and find refuge in the music, others may find the whole thing too complex and art driven.

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from II

from II