Rivulets is the project of dreamscape composer Nathan Amundson, and while there are several others that have guest roles on this recording, he's the primary composer behind this recording. First off, this is an interesting recording, guitar with lots of echoey reverb and vocals with even more echoey reverb, making the whole piece seem distant, but the effect is just right. This recording may remind one quite a bit of space rock drones Windy & Carl, but Rivulets' work is much better than that, as his work is kind of dreamy and contemplative, but the overall presentation of his work is lucid in thought and musicianship. Rivulets is quite a minimalist recording, but at the same time it's that use of minimalism that is just right for presenting ideas in a sort of less-is-more context. Rivulets' debut is an excellent release and one that certainly hits the mark. If you enjoy the lighter side of space rock, contemplative reverbed guitars and voice, as well as Codeine, Nick Drake, Low, Will Oldham, Palace, and Red House Painters, then you will certainly enjoy this excellent recording.

Rivulets on JellyFant

I REMEMBER EVERYTHING (LP/CD * JellyFant 2014 * cat# jayf 30/jayf 30CD)

Reinforced/Delicate / Into The Night / My Favorite Drug Is Sleep / Summer Rain / Is That All You've Got / Ride On, Molina / I Was Once A Handsome Man / Carry You / Your Own Place To Ruin / Wrong All The Time


"I've known Nathan for many years and we've played shows and made records together, so I know his thing - hushed, reaching vocals weaving an often melancholic impression over sparse guitar and ambient backdrop. As the opening song ("Reinforced/Delicate") stumbles in, carrying that familiar weight, I thought I knew what was coming, but I was wrong. By the first two lines of "Into the Night", the second song, I had to sit down because if the rest of the record was going to be like this, I knew I wanted to be there with it. To my delight, it did not let up - every song a relentless epiphany, the ragged edge of emotional, even physical, abandon.  Timeless songs like "My Favorite Drug is Sleep" and "I was Once a Handsome Man" careen into the more artful/obtuse textures even thru the sprawling electric tribute of "Ride on, Molina." This is what happens when someone with a truly unique vision sticks to their guns and proves it."

Alan Sparhawk, Low

Recorded and mixed by Eric Day at Sleepwalk Recording in Bloomington, IN

Mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering in Ventura, CA

Nathan Amundson - guitars, xylophone, voice / Francesco Candura - bass / Nathan Vollmar - drums / Margo May - voice on Reinforced / Delicate

Photography by Anne-Marie ArpinDesign by Björn Kleinhenz


"What lifts with gripping power and leads through ten songs is carried by fascinating obstinacy. It doesn't take much - only bassist Francesco Candura and drummer Nathan Vollmar accompany the free spirit. Disturbances that burn themselves into word and sound. With "Into the Night" the opening line already provides the right temperature: "Spent the winter in that bar across the street".

For a good fifteen years now, Rivulets - "I was once a handsome man" - has been moving in a cosmos that makes one think of bands like Ride or Galaxie 500 that have been buried in the grave. Reference figures to whom musical innovation and short life were equally assigned. Amundson - an excellent singer and arranger, master of simple means - maltreats his material to the breaking point. It is the tenderly-silent, often acoustic eruptions that make "I remember everything" (fantastic title, wonderful cover) glow. There it thunders audibly in the guitar sky, before the floodgates open in "Summer Rain".


The unmistakable heart of the album is "Ride on, Molina", this pull over the blade in honour of the dead Jason Molina. "I'll sing my western songs for you." Seven minutes of pure magic, seven minutes that will get us through the winter."


Frankfurter Rundschau

RIDE ON, MOLINA (10" * JellyFant 2014 * cat# 10jf28)

Ride On, Molina / I Told Jesus Christ How Much I Love Her


limited 10" vinyl edition of 270 copies in brown die-cut sleeves.


Ride On, Molina is from Rivulets' album I Remember Everything.

I Told Jesus Christ How Much I Love Her was previously available as a low-fi digital download. For this release we located the original recording tapes and had them mastered by JJ Golden.

Label design by Björn Kleinhenz.

from I Remember Everything

Studio version on I Remember Everything