BTHR are a band from Stuttgart, Germany. Phillip Eissler and Joscha Brettschneider incorporate guitars, warm drum sounds and their voices to create a sparse and soulful sound. With influences ranging from Soul and 70s Singer/Songwriter Folk to contemporary bands like Hiss Golden Messenger.

BRTHR on JellyFant

STRANGE NIGHTS (LP * JellyFant 2017 * cat# jayf 38) * file under Americana

Build a House / Easy Child / 22 / Nothing on My Mind / Somewhere Else Tomorrow / I Resign / Sun Goes Down / When Will We Ever Learn / Rain & Snow / Going Home


Was JJ Cale from Stuttgart? It almost seems so when you listen to the new album "Strange Nights" by BRTHR.


It is, as the record shows, a congenial duo: Eißler's sense of melody and songwriting combines with Brettschneider's well-grounded sound fetishism.


Together they do a relaxed slow-jam to Rhythm Ace, which brings us to JJ Cale. He used the drummachine too, and Eißler and Brettschneider explicitly name the king of the Tulsa sound as an influence.

Stuttgarter Zeitung 

Sun Goes Down (from Strange Nights)