Björn Kleinhenz

photo by Maria Olsson

Björn Kleinhenz is a swedish independent mucisian. He was born in southern Germany in the summer of 1981 but moved at an early age to Sweden where he has lived since.


After growing up playing punk and hardcore in the small southern town of Sölvesborg he set off as a solo artist around his 20th year and has since then been a highly productive record artist and performer.


Since his debut in 2003 Björn has put out close to 30 different releases and played over 300 shows throughout Europe.


When Björn does not make music he lives in a small red house in the woods on the swedish westcoast working with cultural projects for children. He keeps warm with birch wood and books by Thomas Bernhard, Colm Toibin and Alfred Jarry.

Björn Kleinhenz on JellyFant

URSA MINOR (LP/CD * JellyFant 2015 * cat# jayf 34/jayf 34CD)

Jump / The King Of The Clowns / Raymond / The Tree Of Sadness / Lonely Hunter / Demons / Braveheart / Before The Ride / Tageröd Struten / Ursa Minor


We don't even know Björn Kleinhenz like this yet. The otherwise reserved German-Swedish singer/songwriter has arranged this album extensively and elaborately - with string parts, over dubs and everything else that goes with it. The best thing about it: You don't hear the effort in the least in the result of this work.


Because everything is in exactly the right place, no trace of unnecessarily over-the-top epic songs. Of course, the ten songs in total would work one size smaller. Especially live they will probably do so in the future. But as they are here, they shine a little bit brighter without blinding the listener.


And so "Ursa Minor" is a little masterpiece with sophisticated melancholy and several moments of musical beauty. If it should become winter, this album would be the icing on the cake for every cosy afternoon at home.


BATTLES LONG LOST (10"/CD-EP * JellyFant 2015 * cat# 10jf32/jf32CD)

Battles Long Lost / Before The Ride / The Straight And The Narrow / The Nothingness Of All Days


Released as a tour release, Battles Long Lost contains four tracks from Ursa Minor's recording sessions, but without strings.

The 10" is unfortunately sold out.

THE FALL OF DISCONTENT (LP-BOX * JellyFant 2013 * cat# jayf 17)

The Beard Man / Olis / Words Are Small / Lake Trouble / Mungo / Leipzig Lover / Salty Leg / Betong / Fårö


In summer 2012 Björn Kleinhenz moved to a lonely place in the Gothenburg harbor, built himself a hut and reflected his previous career as a songwriter. On the way back he bought a guitar in a second hand shop and recorded nine of his songs in his living room. We have captured this trip of self-discovery on vinyl, together with five large-format photos, a lyric sheet, a screen-printed box, two alternative artworks and a numbered lyric sheet, limited to 100 copies.

DACKES DRABANTER (10"-LP * JellyFant 2010 * cat# jayf 09)

Deep Down Kept For You And Me / Chinese Whisper / No Blood / The Mountain Pt 2 / Dackes Drabanter / Häldeholm 1:8


It's about being dead and spreading your wings. It's about feeling small and proud. In the dove-grey shimmering world of Björn Kleinhenz these are not contradictions. His six-song EP Dackes Drabanter is finely handmade and yet elaborate. Like Leonhard Cohen with a slightly raised heartbeat. Notice: In the apparent reduction to voice and guitar (mostly) lies a quiet power. Recorded in the living room of the Gothenburg singer. Where else.

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